yo whats up?

Oct 1

i really hope livestream is going to be less shitty today

Oct 1
remember that shanks can swim, or could swim as of back when luffy got his devil fruit powers. thriller bark is so,

oh yeah then i really don’t understand what shanks’ ability is then

he’s still cool though.

Oct 1

god my sleep patterns are so messed up. here’s whats been happening in pirates the last couple of days. i’m putting it under a cut because i really should have been doing that already sorry everyone

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Oct 1

no as in devil fruit = demon gonads. It's too easy.


anon i am now unsure if you’re genuinely trying to clue me into the secret mysteries of one piece or you’re just overexplaining a joke which obvious and not hugely funny in the first place.

i choose to believe the former.

Oct 1

devils loins



Oct 1

man i have so many questions about devil’s fruits


it’s probably a good idea that I am programming to someone else’s design because my creative process has basically always been “haha that’s a good joke… let’s make it canon”

my creative process is similar but it doesn’t have to be a good joke if it’s a bad idea i’ll probably make it happen sooner or later

its thriller bark

thriller bark is here guys

Gravity Falls Intro [Music Box]

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