Xiaolin Chronicles Liveblog - Mi Temple, Mi Casa

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In the 7th grade I had a class where we took a personality test and then we were separated into groups based on our results and my group was just me and two girls and our personality type was described as “mystical” and then one of the girls got expelled for huffing Axe in the bathroom and the other dropped out of high school and disappeared off the face of the Earth.

You’re next.

is this divergent?

Xiaolin Chronicles Liveblog - Princess Kaila and the Thousand Layer Mountain

whoops sorry for not read moring for a moment there

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Xiaolin Chronicles Liveblog - Magical Stallion and the Wild West West

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wait was omi’s personality ever not “butchered colloquialisms + how great he is”

no omi’s been like that since episode one but the thing about XC is that everyone is a caricature boiled down to their two or three most easily recognizable traits. for example you have dojo who is now 1) gross and 2) obsessed with master fung, jack spicer who is now 1) a wimp and 2) a complete idiot regarding everything other than technology. or chase young who is 1) evil, 2) mysterious and 3) fabulous.

the only person who isn’t affected is rai who has been borderline stripped of personality

Xiaolin Chronicles Liveblog - Out of Ping Pong’s Mind

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okay well i ran out of episodes of steven universe i guess i could attempt another episode of xiaolin chronicles

Xiaolin Chronicles Liveblog - Tokyo Madness

here we go

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i’m sorry i am enjoying an episode of xiaolin chronicles.

i have failed you all.

okay here we go xiaolin chronicles round three

wish me luck