i’ve been finally watching legend of korra season two and it’s all predictable plot twists and characters i don’t care about (everyone apart from lin) and god why am i watching this

and then beginnings and yo this is a show i would like to watch

i’m actually writing words again i can’t believe it.

it appears i have reached that portion of the night where i am accidentally typing gibberish without realizing it and i should now go to sleep

xiaolin showdown is cool but i wish there was more showing how the rest of the world is affected by the whole thing

and generally less of a tendency for everything to snap back to normal but that’s pretty standard for cartoons so eh

the thing is that divergent has the single worst premise i’ve ever come across

its like ‘take my badly designed personality test and your results will determine the rest of your life also if you don’t fit perfectly into one of the five categories of people that exist then you will be hunted down and killed because… ???’

literally having a personality is a crime in this book

what the fuck am i reading

started reading Divergent and it had already pissed me off by page 2

Apr 7

villains who team up with the heroes almost as often as they fight them are pretty much my favourite thing

Apr 4

i went to see veronica mars yesterday and i’ll never get that song out of my head again


Inspector Cabanela from Ghost Trick, fan-sprited in the style of the Ace Attorney games! Drawn from scratch. Made them last year for the Court Records Sprite Cup contest, and got first place. See all of them and the full sprite sheet here, and be sure to check out the other entries, because I had some serious competition!

Because my time was limited, I missed one of his expressions (the serious-looking-forward one) and couldn’t do the twirling animation I wanted to throw in, but I’m glad I was able to do a decent range of emotions.

I also won first place in the 2008 Sprite Cup (boy that’s a long time ago now) with my Neil Marshall fan sprites.

look at this perfection

after aa5 we need a new detective so can this please just happen thank you

day of the deadventures

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